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Urpola Manor

Urpola Manor

Spend lovely weddings, birthday, graduation, family and many other parties in a lovely and cosy place next to nature.

Meals and coffee service for groups. The manor also provides conference facilities.

One of the specialities of the Urpola Manor is that you can order meals to the smoke sauna. The sauna is called the Viking sauna.

For accommodation there are 3 log cabin houses with 6 rooms, each room for 1-5 persons. There is also a separate apartment for 3-4 persons.

Shopping opportunities at the courtyard area in “Treasure barn” Tilkkutex and Urpolan Kutomo (Urpola Weavery). Art exhibitions at Art House Taidemakasiini.

Additional info

Perkiöntie 14
31640 Humppila
+358 (0)500 121 160

Open on request.

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