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Jokioinen Museum Railway, Narrow Gauge Museum and Café

Jokioinen Museum Railway, Narrow Gauge Museum and Café

The Museum Railway, Narrow Gauge Rail Museum and the Minkiö station environment are filled with nostalgic rail travel atmosphere, including a café and a terrace. 

Scheduled steam trains on Sundays 3.6.-31.7. and on Saturdays 27.7.-24.8. and 7.9. and Santa Claus´s train 7.12. Timetables and special events are found here. 

In addition to taking a steam train you can also rent handcars at Jokioinen Museum Railway. With the handcar you can travel at your own speed, enjoy the lovely countryside or even stop at a fire place at an ex gravel pit siding to grill some sausages. The handcars are two person handcars that can carry up to four people. There are total of four handcars for rent so you can even take your friends on board! You can rent the hancars at the Minkiö station while the Minkiö Narrow Gauge Museum is open. You cannot rent hancars when the scheduled trains are running. 

At Jokioinen Museum Railway it is also possible to hire Your own steam train!

Next to Minkiö station there is a Kiipu village house which can provide a conference room for up to 30 people. Also Jokioinen Tietotalo in the centre has excellent conference and restaurant services, in a walking distance of Jokioinen station.

Additional info

Kiipuntie 49
31630 Minkiö
+358 (0)3 433 3235,
+358 (0)40 552 5322

Opening hours for the Narrow Gauge Museum, café and the rail handcar rental at Minkiön station Mon-Sun 11-18 until 31 of August 2018.

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